Shutterstock’s Global Design Trends 2013

Shutterstock 發布了2013的全球設計趨勢,也就是回顧2012展望2013。

  1. 2012年下載最多的圖片
  2. 10個國家下載最多的圖片,有中國,沒有加拿大
  3. 三個類型的情況,綠色環保,古典懷舊,幾何形狀等
  4. 風格
  5. 關鍵詞
  6. 2005年和2012年圖片類型占有率對比
  7. 攝影技術
  8. 顏色 Continue reading “Shutterstock’s Global Design Trends 2013”

Shutterstock Referral Program Changes

Shutterstock Referral Program Changes

You are receiving this email because you have referred one or more contributors to Shutterstock. We’d like to make you aware of two upcoming changes to the referral program. The goal of these changes is to bring a wider variety of new contributors and content to our site. Continue reading “Shutterstock Referral Program Changes”

Baidu cloud

Beijing March 23, lanuched cloud storage service baidu wangpan.
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